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The evolution of security has been necessary to match the evolving needs and expectations of the client. Today, security is a fundamentally different and broader service and is far removed from the traditional image of a man in a peaked cap standing at a gate or desk. Today’s security offer has become broader and will undoubtedly continue to evolve.

It has been a negative cliché that the security industry has not been a good career choice. It could be argued that this cliché was probably deserved in the past when all security needed to provide was somebody physically imposing to act as a deterrent, and fit enough to apprehend a ne’er-do-well. But that was a long time ago, before the advent of constantly improving technology that both relieved the reliance on physical attributes of security guards, while demanding a higher level of technical ability. Managing highly advanced CCTV consoles and other security technologies requires intelligence and skill, not muscle.

The security offering has also evolved to encompass other tasks, most notably that of the reception desk for organisations which, through a need to make overall savings across their operations, have understandably, and usually regrettably, sacrificed their own reception function.

With security now a broader discipline, it is understandable that its delivery requires staff who have a broader skillset. Today’s security person needs to be technically competent to manage the technologies, physically fit to deliver the traditional security tasks, and with strong interpersonal and management skills to deliver the reception function. However, a broader skillset makes the candidate that much more valuable and therefore it is only right that they should expect a fair remuneration for being the more complete package.

With the security function more integrated into the client organisation, more technically advanced, and with the security personnel delivering a broader range of critical services, there is a high level of ‘added value’ coming from the security solution. While this might be reflected in an increased cost of security (when taking advantage of these additional services) it must be remembered that this cost is also typically lower than the cost of retaining a reception function for example.

For skilled personnel looking for a career in security, this broadening of the service offer is the reason why they can now justifiably expect to build a more rewarding career. The old cliché no longer applies.

As published in FMJ Magazine


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