Front-of-House need not be sacrificed

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The recession has had a significant impact on facilities management. Many organisations were forced to divest themselves of properties that were not entirely necessary, and many cut back on services which, while not essential, were nevertheless very important to the running of their operations and the level of service they could provide.

Reception was one area that suffered when belts were tightened. It was, in many cases, considered a nice-to-have and not a need-to-have. Unfortunately for many organisations they severely undervalued the importance of front-of-house to both the effective running of the site and the perception for visitors and customers.

For customer-facing organisations, the loss of the reception function can have a severe impact. In an increasingly competitive world, the visitor experience is crucial in attracting and retaining business, so the lack of an adequate and professional front-of-house service can not only result in a worse experience for the visitor, it also gives an impression of a business that is not in the best of health.

However, for many organisations, providing their own reception services is still not feasible. So what is best and most cost effective way of providing this function?

Reception Services is a growing market whereby businesses and organisations contract a third party specialist that can deliver the very highest levels of front-of-house service. Working closely with the organisation the Reception Services team can integrate seamlessly and, as highly experienced professionals can assess the specific requirements of the organisation and deliver a superior service from the off. The advantage for the organisation is the avoidance of the recruitment and training process needed to set up their own front-of-house team and the expense that goes with it.

As published in FMJ Magazine

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