The importance of retaining front-of-house Reception Services

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In times of recession it’s always the nice-to-haves that are the first things to be sacrificed when belts are tightened. In many cases, these sacrifices can be tolerated with little or no negative effect as they tend not to be critical to the running of the organisation. For large organisations, some of these sacrifices can be substantial. For instance, many organisations will assess the actual size and scope of their operations and, if necessary, will make the dramatic move of divesting themselves of non-profitable parts of their operations, or will sell off properties and estates that are surplus to core requirements. Many will make themselves more compact and efficient by closing or selling off satellite sites and operations and moving into a single, central location. These are usually the headline sacrifices that are explained as ‘operational efficiencies’ and they usually make people feel uncomfortable.

Less well publicised sacrifices include the cutting of services which, while not essential, are often still very important to the level of service the organisation delivers, for example front-of-house Reception Services. It’s easy to undervalue Reception Services and their importance to both the effective running of a site and visitor experience for customers. And of course the importance of front-of-house as an integral part of the security suite.

Losing Reception Services can, at the very least, leave an organisation looking like it is inadequately resourced. In an increasingly competitive world, visitor experience is crucial in both attracting and retaining business, so a lack of front-of-house can have a subtle, but severe, impact.

So what is the solution for an organisation that is feeling the loss of its front-of-house team, but which is still not best placed to make its own investment in hiring, training, setting-up and resourcing its own Reception Service?

Increasingly, organisations are turning to external delivery of Reception Services by third party specialists that offer the very highest levels of front-of-house service. These contracted teams are skilled at working closely with the organisation and can integrate seamlessly and rapidly. As highly experienced professionals they assess the specific requirements of the organisation and deliver a superior service that instantly provides an efficient front-of-house function. The organisation is absolved from the effort of recruiting, training and resourcing its own team, and indeed the contracted team will be of such a high standard that it is unlikely the organisation could match it without considerable effort and expense.

As published in PFM Magazine

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