Will post-election austerity effect security at your site?

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Election fever is all around us and the result of the General Election is of interest as it will impact on the facilities management and security industries as much as impacts on other industries.

Regardless of the outcome, unless one of the more radical parties wins in a shock result, we can certainly expect to see a continuation of the austerity programme. This will hit the public sector hard and that will include policing.

The Police Federation is already deeply concerned about further cuts to policing and is warning that it is at breaking point. There has been a noticeable drop in visible neighbourhood policing in recent years, and further cuts will impact on the ability of police to respond effectively to calls.

For facilities managers this means less reliance on police to investigate or intervene in low level crime. For security suppliers this means more onus on delivering a complete and holistic service that relies less on liaison with police.

So what exactly should facilities managers expect from their security supplier?

With less police visibility, it is important that people know you have security in place. Of course this needs to be done in a way that it is not too intrusive. It is also vital that your security supplier is able to deliver a more complete service that compensates for the police shortfall. It is also advisable to look at how different estates, businesses and organisations can pull together in collaboration to deliver a more robust and effective security stance.

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