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When John Ruskin, the Victorian art critic said “Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort” he could never have imagined that his words would still resonate a century later to be found on motivational posters. But the reason they do is simple; they are fundamentally true. Quality IS the result of intelligent effort.

Of course the challenge in the modern era is to ensure quality of service in a much more complex and dynamic environment where the demands on time are greater and where shortcuts are the key to efficiency. For the busy facilities manager this will invariably translate as managing a raft of third party service suppliers where there will be an element of trust that the suppliers can deliver levels of service that are at least adequate, and ideally more than adequate. In this situation, the intelligent effort required is in the identification of the best suppliers and checking they can do what they promise.

For the suppliers themselves, the intelligent effort is in not only balancing service delivery and business growth, but in ensuring they have ingrained in their culture and systems a dedication to quality and ongoing improvement. If all these are in place, and the supplier can illustrate a commitment to quality, the job of the facilities manager is made that much easier. Both the supplier and the facilities manager will have made the necessary intelligent effort needed to ensure quality.

One of the advantages of the modern world is; there are structured systems in place to both measure and accredit systems that support quality. The days when these systems were considered ‘just more red tape’ are over and today companies and organisations generally recognise and value the opportunities presented.

At Ward Security we certainly appreciate the opportunity and were delighted recently to achieve our best ever score (170 out of 174) in an independent audit conducted on behalf of the Security Industry Authority (SIA) – the organisation responsible for regulating the private security industry in the UK. The SIA performs comprehensive assessments of security companies and service delivery, including security guarding, door supervision, CCTV and keyholding sectors, as well as conducting a surveillance audit for ISO9001:2008 (Quality) and Renewal, and a full audit for BS18001:2007 (Health & Safety). This accreditation helps us to illustrate to our facilities management clients that our commitment to service is serious and engrained in our culture.

As published in PFM Magazine www.pfmonthenet.net/

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