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While we are looking forward to warmer days, it’s worth remembering that these summer conditions can present new risks to estate security, with longer daylight hours aiding criminal activity. Statistics show the majority of burglaries occur in the evening, with 10% in the morning, and 30% occurring on weekends. Longer daylight hours mean it is easier for burglars to scope out premises and access.

New security risks occur where we least anticipate them. In the workplace a simple change of staff, such as the increased use of temporary staff to cover employee holidays, is a good example. This can mean that key personnel tasked with keeping an eye on particular areas of their own security are away for periods, leaving aspects of the premises vulnerable. Having tight handover policies and procedures for temporary staff is important, as the permanent team will know intuitively areas to check when something looks out of the ordinary. Performing a security audit at this time of year is a good way to refresh knowledge, recap on security needs, as well as reinforce to the team the sensitive areas that may need to be locked down.

One of the most common ways businesses get caught out is when employees leave windows open, gifting an opportunity for both opportunist and determined criminals. A solution is for neighbouring businesses to work together to spot and check if windows are closed. Ward Security has introduced an initiative called Parkwatch on a number of the business parks where we have security guards in place. We update all businesses on the park where we have noticed security issues and encourage them to use us as a central point to communicate anything suspicious to the other businesses. It is simple but highly effective.

So while it is tempting to relax during the summer, the very act of relaxation can play into the hands of burglars and businesses and estates manager need to be just as vigilant as any other time of year.

As published in FMJ Magazine

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