Ben Draper Promoted to Ward Executive Board


Ward Security has promoted Ben Draper to the executive board of Ward Security Holdings Limited. The move is in recognition of all the hard work Ben has put into the company over the last three years overseeing tremendous growth and ensuring that the company’s financial systems are robust enough to cope with the projected growth going forward.

Speaking about the promotion, David Ward, Managing Director said, “Ben has built a very progressive team around him to ensure that the finance team delivers accurate information in a timely manner to both our clients and our own internal departments. This has been crucial to supporting the substantial growth we have achieved in recent years and the setting up of new operations such as our new Scottish office and Ward Belgravia. As the market evolves, so Ward Security has evolved to ensure it meets market requirements, and Ben Draper has been instrumental in that evolution. 

“These are exciting times for Ward Security. As well as healthy growth we have enjoyed a heightened profile and reputation both within the industry and within our customer base. Our aim is to continue that steady growth. We have successfully ensured our internal management systems are robust enough to support our ambitions and we are ideally placed to further establish Ward Security as one of the UK’s most efficient, effective and innovative suppliers of security and complementary services.”

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