Contingencies and Guidance Following London Bridge Incidents


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Following a Bridge Call between senior representatives of “Counter Terrorism Security Office” (NaCTSO), The “Office of the National Coordinator Protect and Prepare,” and “Industry Sector Leaders,” please see key points relating to the investigation and current stance following the events of Saturday night:

  • The threat level to the United Kingdom from international terrorism reamains at SEVERE – an attack is highly likley.
  • A visible armed and unarmed police presence, especially in crowded places and in transport hubs will be seen across the capital.
  • The investigation is continuing at pace at the site of the incident an across London.  The emergency services are working as quickly as possible whilst carrying out the essential work required at the scene of the incident.


Commuters should allow more time for travel and monitor news feeds along with transportation websites for information relating to the current road closures and transport disruptions. Transport for London (TFL) confirm London Bridge Underground station will operate a normal service on Monday 5th June but the only access/egress will be the Tooley Street entrance. It will not be possible to walk across London Bridge. 

Police cordons, as seen below, remain in place and the public are advised to stay away from the London Bridge and Borough Market area, SE1.


Roads and transport locations will be re-opened as soon as soon as possible, but businesses and the general public are being asked to understand the complex nature of the investigation. 

Ward Security

Our Control Room staff and Operational Management have remained in contact with officers and updated clients. Contingencies were successfully deployed on Sunday 4th June where frontline resources unable to gain access to affected sites within the cordon using an alternative local site as a base. This plan will continue, not only as a support mechanism, but so as to prevent any delays once full access is allowed.

Police Advice

The MPS have reiterated that guidance on the NaCTSO Website remains valid and applicable to the current threat situation. The information therein provides an excellent platform from which to plan site-specific emergency contingencies and in particular via the following three areas:

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1. Stay Safe—Run Hide Tell:
2. Threat Level Advice:
3. Recognising the Terror Threat:

They also recommend the advice contained within the CPNI website and in particular:

1. Disrupting Hostile Reconnaissance:
2. Business Continuity Planning:

They further recommend consideration of the advice provided by citizenAID which provides effective and proven advice on weapon and firearm attacks.

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

Whilst it is inherently difficult to protect against the style of attack seen on London Bridge, there are measures that can be instigated. These include precluding access to hostile vehicles, physical barriers and deterrents at vulnerable points and detection of suspicious activity during the hostile reconnaissance process. Further detail is available at

If you have any further queries please contact your Ward Security Operations Manager, alternatively:

0845 847 6180

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