Incidents at London Bridge Update


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For the 3rd time this year the UK is waking up to reports of another terror attack. As reported earlier, vehicle attack and stabbing incidents occurred on London Bridge and Borough Market in London yesterday evening. The Metropolitan Police Service in conjunction with British Transport Police, City of London Police, and other emergency services, responded quickly and efficiently neutralising the attack within 8 minutes of the initial call. The 3 assailants were shot dead but not before injuring at least 48 people who were taken to hospitals across London with seven people suffering fatal injuries.

Our thoughts are again with all those involved and whose lives have been severely impacted by these events.

Police will continue to review and strengthen their stance across London over the forthcoming days with additional police and officers deployed across the Capital. The direction for anyone living within any cordoned areas is to stay inside, and for anyone outside to check the latest news feeds before travelling in or avoid travelling completely. They ask the public to remain vigilant and report anything suspicious that causes them concern dialling 999 immediately or reporting to the Ant-Terrorist Hotline 0800 789 321.

Ward Security Actions

Standard protocols are in place with buildings within designated cordoned areas currently under the control of Police who will be provided with CCTV footage where applicable. Planned contingencies were deployed with Security Officers due on duty this morning in a few sites being instructed to meet at a local unaffected site to await further direction. Our Control room staff and/or Operational Management are in regular contact with any officers and clients affected

If you have any further queries please contact your Ward Security Operations Manager, alternatively:

0845 847 6180


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