Incidents at London Bridge


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The Metropolitan Police (MPS) have been investigating a serious incident on London Bridge where a number of pedestrians have been hit by a white van travelling at speed, followed by reports of stabbings in and around the bars and restaurants at Borough Market. These acts appear to be coordinated and have been declared as an act of terrorism. The MPS have also responded to a further incident in the Vauxhall area of South London although this is not thought to be connected

Ward Security Action
Our Security Officers currently on duty in properties nearby are in Lockdown mode until further detail and direction have been received. Control Room staff and Operational Management will continue to be in contact with sites to ensure all staff are safe. Checks are also in place at shift handover times with contingencies being planned in the event train and bus routes are disrupted.

Police Advice
The Police advice to the general public is to remain alert, but calm, and adopt the “Run, Hide, Tell” approach to safety should they ever be involved in such an attack.


If anyone was in the area during these events and has any information that may be of use please do report it to your local police station and/or the Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321

Please be assured Ward Security will follow Police direction and continue to vigilantly protect your properties to the best of our ability and continue to:

  • Remain alert and brief relevant staff
  • Monitor the situation
  • Report anything suspicious

If you have any further queries please contacy our Ward Security Operations Manager, alternatively;

0845 847 6180


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