Ward Security Signs Deal With Premium Dog Food Brand

narcotic and explosive search and general purpose dogs

Ward Security has signed a deal for premium dog food brand Royal Canin to supply its team of 40 guard dogs with all their dietary needs and further boost the animals’ health and wellbeing.

Royal Canin is the dog food supplier of choice for the vast majority of Britain’s police forces and prison services. The manufacturer produces quality food tailored for specific dog breeds to ensure that all their nutritional needs are catered for.

At present, Ward’s individual dog handlers choose food for their own canine co-worker which means a variety of brands are used. Under the new system, every dog will be nourished to the same consistently high standard by Royal Canin.

Ali Tod, Dog Section Manager at Ward Security, commented: “Dogs play an essential part of the wide range of security services that Ward Security offers – our General Purpose Patrol Dog Unit has achieved more arrests than any other division within the company. It is vital to us that these hard working animals are kept in the best possible health.

“Royal Canin is the preferred dog food for most police forces in this country because it has proven credentials as excellent fuel for working dogs, and offers great value for money. The company has a scientific approach to canine nutrition and is one of the few brands to provide for the dietary needs of specific breeds.”

Andrew Sanderson of Royal Canin said: “We are pleased that Ward Security is now using Royal Canin products for their dogs. Royal Canin has a knowledge of, and respect for, the real characteristics and nutritional needs of dogs and cats – this has been Royal Canin’s mission for over 45 years. As specialists in nutrition, we put animals’ health at the heart of every stage of the food development process.”

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