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As the nation continues to come to terms with the events of Monday 22nd May the threat remains at CRITICAL, the first time for 10 years. Although this level does not usually remain in place for more than a few days or weeks it is important to remember that even when, or if, it returns to SEVERE the threat would still be that an attack is highly likely as it was before, therefore all contingencies and continuity plans should continue to be regularly reviewed to ensure they are fit for current business needs.

The recent trend has been low tech, involving vehicles and knives. The fact that the Manchester attack involved a suicide bomber and explosives will no doubt be an added concern as makes it clear that a wider cell network is involved, hence Manchester Police continue to raid properties and make arrests. Although London has always been viewed as the key target in the UK, this incident also makes it clear that any city is vulnerable, particularly where large crowds are gathering. 

For the first time military are being seen supporting Police across the country but the advice to the general public and businesses remains to be alert but not alarmed. Despite the higher profile and activities of Police, we certainly wish everyone a relaxing and safe Bank Holiday Weekend. Although unsure exactly of what the next few days or weeks may bring, you can be confident that as your Security provider Ward Security will continue to do what we can to raise awareness on hostile reconnaissance and promote the need for vigilance and discernment within our frontline ranks. Our objectives of Protection of Life and Property and Prevention of Crime has not changed.


General Security

Although protective actions to mitigate terror activities have rightly been a priority, it would be good not to let them distract us from good general Security housekeeping. As the warm weather looks to continue please remember to ensure all doors and windows are secure prior to leaving this evening and over the weekend so we can work together, not only to reduce high level risks surrounding access control,  but also to lower the possibility of opportunists and petty-criminals taking advantage.

Threat Level Meanings

The level is set by the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre and the Security Service (MI5) and don’t have an expiry date. They can change at any time as different information becomes available to security agencies

Threat From Threat Level Meaning
International terrorism CRITICAL An attack is expected imminently
Northern Ireland related terrorism in Britain SUBSTANTIAL An attack is a strong possibility

Advice to Remember

  • In an emergency call 999
  • For other non-emergency police enquiries call 101
  • For any suspicious activity call the Anti-terrorist hotline 0800 789 321
  • Further information is available from 

If you have any specific concerns please contact your Ward Security Operations Manager. Alternatively:

  • 24hr Contact Centre – 0845 847 6180
  • Enquiry email address –
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