Ward Security has taken ownership of a new electric car as part of an ongoing commitment to reducing the company’s carbon footprint. The new Nissan Leaf has been deployed at the International Trading Estate Southall, where the company provides 24 hour security for the entire estate.


“Ward Security takes its environmental responsibilities seriously,” explained Managing Director Kevin Ward. “The company is ISO 14001 accredited for our Environmental Management System and we recently purchased new fleet vehicles and gave fleet managers control using tracker and driver management. Consequently we have managed to decrease emissions per vehicle despite a 9.5% increase in fleet size and now achieve 70-80mpg and lower fuel costs, while ensuring drivers drive sensibly and safely as they are being monitored and managed properly.

“It is important that we have a particular focus on transport as the nature of the business means we have a lot of staff using a lot of vehicles to travel a lot of miles, so the challenge is considerable and takes a concerted effort from everyone across the company. However, we are delighted by what we have achieved so far. The purchase of a new electric vehicle is another step towards further reductions in our carbon footprint.”

During 2016 Ward Security is looking to replace 18 vehicles with newer vehicles that offer even better fuel consumption and lower emissions. The new vehicles will be limited to 62mph and will feature stop/start technology to further increase miles-per-gallon and reduce emissions.

Ward Security has a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility. As well as addressing environmental concerns the company regularly sponsors, contributes or fundraises for a number of charities and organisations in various categories, including Abigail’s Footsteps – a national charity that is making positive changes to the lives of bereaved families and promoting safer births. The company sponsors Aylesford Rugby Club and also runs safety campaigns with local schools. Ward Security supports the Medway Foodbank Trust by providing a free security service for the foodbank’s warehouse and volunteering staff to help in the warehouse, and allows staff to take time off for charity work.

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