Ward Security WOW Dolphin Ward

Ward Security take their Corporate Social Responsibility serious and raise thousands of pounds for charity each year.

Ward Security Limited, managing director, David Ward, and a team of his staff wowed children and staff yesterday when they arrived at Medway Maritime Hospital’s Dolphin Ward with three vehicles full of toys and items such as flat screen televisions to help ensure our younger patients have plenty to keep them entertained while they are poorly and recovering in hospital.

Annie Huxtable, play leader on Dolphin Ward said: ”I’m astounded at what Ward Security’s staff have achieved – we really cannot thank them enough for their generosity, kindness and commitment to Dolphin Ward – they have fulfilled every item on the ward’s wish list and so much more. On behalf of everyone on Dolphin Ward, thank you so, so much to everyone at Ward Security who participated and to all the individuals and businesses who have made donations.”

David Ward said: “It all started with the sale of old PCs which generated £400. My brother and I then doubled the amount and divided it between two Ward Security staff teams that were formed to take up an ‘Alan Sugar’ type challenge to fulfil Dolphin Ward’s wish list. Their task was to get as many items as possible from the wish list within the £400 they each had.

“There was a real buzz and it was a great team building exercise but most importantly, it was really successful in getting the ward the items they wished for. Thanks to the generosity of family, friends, colleagues, suppliers, individual donators and local businesses, not a penny was spent fulfilling the wish list and in fact, in addition, the teams are proud to present the ward with a cheque of £2,500.”

Brian Stroud, one of the two team leaders said: “Irrespective of the team’s desire not to fail in the spirit of the inter-company Alan Sugar challenge, ultimately the winners had to be the children of Dolphin Ward and other wards at Medway Maritime Hospital. As long as that happened, the team were very proud of the part they played – we could not have expected more.”

The second team leader Emma Prosser said: “It was great working as a team and utilising people’s individual strengths and skills to meet the challenge. The group was separated to do calling, collecting, purchasing and for sending the ‘begging’ emails. We were really optimistic from the start and everyone pulled together so well. I really hope the children enjoy the toys and we will continue to support the ward.”

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