Wireless Intruder Detection Systems

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Protecting an empty building can be a costly business. But a new Wireless Intruder Detection System (WIDS) from Ward Security can provide 24-hour peace of mind at a fraction of the price of conventional manned guarding.

WIDS uses any number of sophisticated wireless video cameras and motion sensors to protect void buildings from intruders; on detection, the particular wide angle camera activated records a 10 second video relayed to Ward Security’s 24-hour control room which can be viewed in real time.

A two-way voice system enables the intruder to be challenged to show identification and the proper authorisation; if this does not prove sufficient enough a deterrent, then a security officer can be sent to the site, or, in more extreme circumstances, the police can be called.

“This system is ideal for void properties,” says Brian Stroud, Ward Security’s Associate Director, Response. “The video surveillance means less wasted response call-outs because the perpetrators can be seen. It can also be offered alongside a monthly physical inspection to provide a complete service.”

WIDS is an extremely cost-effective solution as well as being easy to fit. A business can install as many cameras as they like (either hiring or buying the system), as well as placing cameras externally to give the highest levels of security coverage.

“Nothing is better than a physical presence 24 hours a day. But this can be a very expensive solution for many businesses. WIDS is the perfect solution to provide cost-effective, peace of mind and the excellent levels of security that only more expensive systems guarantee.”

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