General Purpose Security Patrol and Guard Dog Services

Ward Security has a strong – and somewhat unusual – capability in supplying dogs for general purpose patrol duties.

Unlike many security companies who provide patrol dog services, we own the majority of our dogs and employ their handlers, rather than subcontracting the service. By living with their handlers, close bonds are formed, making the partnership far more effective. Our company dog trainer is a retired Police Dog Instructor with over 18 years experience in all aspects of Police Dog work.

A number of our Dog Teams are independently licenced to ensure that they are performing at or above the levels expected on the contract.  The elements included in the licence are assessed at or above the levels expected of a licenced Police Dog.

Patrol dogs are used for many assignments from guarding critical infrastructure to parks and open spaces. One London Borough has awarded us a ten-year contract following successful completion of two previous three-year contracts, all following competitive tendering processes.

Patrol dogs are generally deployed where Security Officers may be at risk or if there are large areas to patrol. They are trained to be safe with members of the public, but can defend their handler when necessary. A highly effective deterrent, our General Purpose Patrol Dog unit has achieved more arrests than any other division within the company.


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