Wireless Intruder detection systems

Your empty premises such as redundant residential buildings, storage yards or remote vehicle parks are particularly vulnerable to theft or damage by intruders. Manned guarding may not be cost effective in such cases, and electronic security may be impractical where there is no power supply.

Ward Security’s Wireless Intruder Detection System provides dependable and cost effective protection. Combining wireless cameras and motion sensors equipped with long life battery technology, WIDS ensures 24/7 monitoring. In the event of an unlawful intrusion, an alarm sounds on site and wide angle cameras transmit imagery back to our control centre.

Monitoring personnel can immediately view a 10 second video clip of the actual intrusion and use this to determine the required course of action.  Where installed the optional voice system can be used to challenge and verify the intrusion.

Benefits of WIDS include:

  • ideal for void/empty properties
  • battery operated – no mains power required
  • no wiring required
  • cost effective security solution
  • easy to use
  • minimal installation required
  • discrete but effective deterrent
  • ideal for internal or external applications
  • can be tailored to each property/client requirements
  • reduces call out charges for false alarms
  • sophisticated motion sensors with built in night vision camera equipped with infrared sensors
  • can be equipped with 2 way voice challenge system

WIDS may be purchased outright or hired on a monthly basis. They can be bundled with an Alarm Response Service, regular external patrols and scheduled property inspections, all carried out by our own experienced teams.


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